Weeds: Enemy at the Gates

Weeds are actually plants that you simply don’t want where you happen to find them. If they would just stay out of my vegetable garden, you might be thinking, they wouldn’t bother me at all. Well, there’s an old saying in science that nature abhors a vacuum, and as nature sees it, any bare ground that has any type of fertility to it should be growing something. So, if there aren’t vegetable or other desirable (from the gardener’s perspective) plants growing on that soil, nature will oblige and fill in the blanks.

Weeds propagate either through seeds, like dandelions or they’re perennial and spread through their roots, like crabgrass or creeping Charlie. There are a multitude of tools and techniques available to the gardener, for both small, medium, and very large fields. You can even employ animals (they work cheap) such a goats, chickens, and pigs, although you probably couldn’t get away with that in the suburbs. An easier approach is to use broad leafy plants to shade the underlying soil, thereby making it inhospitable to weed growth, or to use mulch, which is simple and cheap. Check out the video here to get some ideas.

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