Vegetable Garden Watering Using a Soaker Hose

There are many ways to water your vegetable garden that use very little water and also keep the leaves dry so fungal diseases don’t get established on your plants. The most common and least complicated method uses what’s called a soaker hose.

Soaker hoses are made from extremely porous, light weight rubber that cuts easily so you can get it just the right length for your application. Fittings are readily available and watering setups can be put together quickly. Make sure to lay the hose near the bases of your vegetable plantings by meandering them through your garden.

Soaker hoses can deliver water to your plantings slowly and steadily over a long period of time. They can even be buried just slightly under the soil surface or under mulch applications, which does a great job in keeping the leaves dry. They tend to last for several seasons, but in my own experience they do get stiff after a number of years and may need replacement. Fortunately they tend to be inexpensive to buy. See the video here for some extra information.

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