Vegetable Garden Irrigation Using Drip Tape

Once you automate your vegetable garden watering, your plants are more likely to get watered on a regular basis because you won’t be forgetting to do it anymore. Besides timers and valve assemblies that can get as complicated as you want to, attaching a simple soaker hose or drip tape to your garden faucet and putting a flow control valve in between to regulate the amount of water is really all you need to do.

Locate the soaker or drip tape hose so that the water coming out gets right to the plant’s base and nowhere else. You will probably need to play with it a little bit to get it just right, but once it’s done, all you need to remember is what day it is and for how long to turn on the garden faucet. If you’re really ambitious you can automate your setup using a timer. See this video for some specifics on setting a system up.

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