Using Weed Barrier Cloth

As gardeners, we need to face up to one simple, ugly truth: Weeds will always be with us. But how can we deal with them effectively without letting them deter us from our vegetable gardens? By using a wonderful invention called weed cloth, otherwise known as landscape fabric.

Landscape fabric covers the soil around your vegetable plants, and lets both rainwater and air flow freely into your garden soil, and yet it keeps weed species from propagating. Weed barrier cloth works to protect either from above, when new seeds from elsewhere blow into your vegetable garden, or from below, when roots and seeds that were already there before you put the fabric over the soil start to come up.

Don’t consider using plastic sheeting. Black plastic chokes the soil for air and prevents water from getting to the plant’s roots. Since it would keep it dark and moist underneath, you’d be asking for a ton of fungus too. A side benefit of using weed cloth is it also keeps your vegetables cleaner by not letting them rest directly on the soil. See the video here.

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