Transplanting Seedlings to Larger Seedpots

Once your seeds have sprouted and are just big enough, you may want to transplant them to larger seed pots as an intermediate step before finally putting them into the ground in your garden. First, buy some fiber seed pots at your local garden center, and fill them up halfway with potting soil. Take your seedling and push it out of its seed well from underneath. Don’t pull it out by the stem or else you may damage the developing root system. Instead, just steady it gently by taking hold of the leaves with your thumb and index finger. Place a little more potting soil around the seedling, and add enough water to moisten it. Continue to leave them in a warm location in plenty of (vertical) light so they don’t get “leggy” and grow sideways trying to get the most sunlight. Once the last possible frost date has passed, it’s time to consider placing them in your vegetable garden. Watch this video to learn more techniques and tips.

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