Transplanting Pepper Plants

Sometime you might have to transplant your pepper plants from the small plastic jiffy container it started in to something a little larger. Maybe you started them a week or two too early, they’re getting bigger, but you can’t plant them in the garden plot just yet. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to put them into a larger pot! All you need is a small hand trowel, some potting soil, watering can, and a suitably larger container, about one size bigger than what you’re moving the pepper plant out of. You can start out with a 3-5 inch clay pot, but you could also go up quickly to a 3-5 gallon container or even an earth box.

The first thing you need to do is to fill the pot loosely with potting soil all the way up. Then carefully remove the plant from the plastic container it’s in. You’ll notice that the roots are probably pretty wound up around the outside of the soil ball, and that’s called being “root bound“. Gently break up the roots with your fingers and then place it into the soil in the new container. Throw a little extra soil on top for good measure. Then pack the soil in gently and water the whole thing in to get rid of any air pockets and set it back in a sunny location on your deck or patio. See this video for tips and techniques.

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