Tomato Planting 101

Tomatoes are unique among almost all other vegetable garden plants. Besides actually producing a fruit, not a vegetable, they can grow by forming adventitious roots all along their stem. This allows them to be planted very deep. So deep in fact, that if it were any other plant you’d surely kill it. Planting tomatoes very deep enables them to establish extremely deep and developed roots that in turn will ensure a very healthy and productive plant able to produce plenty of large, juicy tomatoes.

Another important planting consideration is to have plenty of nutrients in your vegetable garden soil. Use compost and manure liberally. Make sure your soil also has plenty of calcium in it, and have a low threshold to add a calcium rich fertilizer or compost with plenty of egg shells in it. You can also use lime directly. Tomato plants love sweet (not acidic) soil.

As they grow, stake and support them well to give the plant plenty of room to grow and so it gets plenty of air and light. Remember to water plants early in the day, never late in the day because that’s a setup for powdery mildew to set in. aphids can be gotten rid of either using organic pesticides or with my favorite, ladybugs. Check out the video for even more information on this.

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