Tired of Mowing Your Lawn?

Why not trade in that mower for a garden rake! Many people are replacing their labor and resource demanding lawns with vegetable gardens. It’s called edible landscaping. Four neighbors in Columbus, Ohio have opted to convert their front lawns into these culinary garden scapes.

When you listen to what they are growing, the list of what they aren’t growing is shorter! Controlling what goes into their food was part of their motivation for doing this. They really weren’t into mowing anyway (I can certainly relate to that sentiment).

What’s really shocking (in a good way) is finding out that $100 in materials invested in a garden this way will yield $1500 in produce if you price it as purchased in the grocery store. Sales of seeds are up 40%. Americans are going back to what they did 50-100 years ago by being more self-reliant and growing their own food. See the video here.

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