Tips For Great Tomatoes

Everyone loves to eat a fresh tomato straight off the vine. They’re not really that hard to grow, but there are some things you’ll need to remember. You can start them from seed, but that takes extra time and effort. Most experienced vegetable gardeners opt to grow them from starter plants from the nursery.

Make sure you put your plants in the ground no earlier than the last frost date where you live (you’ll need to check this with your local nursery or agricultural extension). Tomato plants require a lot of sunlight, about 6-8 hours worth of full direct sunlight every day.

Tomato plants are also what’s known as “heavy feeders” and require a lot of nutrients in the soil. Make sure your soil is rich enough, and if you’re not sure, have it tested to see what it might be missing. Fruiting plants like tomatoes need a lot of phosphorus. Tomato plants appreciate fertilizers to keep them going strong all season. You can go either organic or conventional on this. watch this video to learn more about tomatoes.

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