The Basics of Organic Insect Control

Most of the bugs and insects you see in your garden are not really bad. In fact, 80 percent  of the insects you will see are actually beneficial to your garden. So don’t reach for that chemical bug control product!

First of all, those chemicals are actually nerve toxins that affect the bugs first, but they’ll also affect you too. In fact, they’ll kill everything and throw your local garden ecosystem out of balance. It’s best to totally avoid using them.

There are natural organic alternatives that you can easily use. First of all, a lot of the insects that you don’t want in your vegetable garden are going to wind up being food for more beneficial predatory insects. For instance, Lady bugs and preying mantises are voracious eaters of the insects that you don’t want in your garden.

Always remember, insects need to eat too, and a few chewed up leaves may not necessarily be a problem. Don’t overreact. Remember, nature is providing food in your garden for you, and you need to repay her just a little by letting a few of her critters get a meal in now and again.

Try to get birds and other predatory insects to help you out by putting in bird baths and flowers among your vegetable plantings. Watch this video to learn more.

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