How to Grow Basil

Yes, You Too Can Grow Basil

For those gardeners who want to grow basil, it’s one of those herbs that’s the mainstay of most kitchens. Fresh from your garden, it can be used in many styles and types of cooking, including Italian and many other ethnic cuisines. To grow herbs like basil you can either start from seeds or from small plants that can be purchased from your local nursery or home store.

Start To Grow Your Basil From Seeds

When starting it directly from seed, you’ll want to plant your seeds several weeks before the last frost in your local area. Start to grow herbs likegrow basil basil in a medium sized container of potting mix and place the seeds about 1/4 to 1/2 inch below the surface. Place several seeds about an inch apart from each other. When you grow herbs like basil, be sure to keep them well watered and in a warm sunny location. Once they’re sprouted, keep them well lighted and warm. Once they’re about 2 to 4 inches tall, and any chance of frost has passed, you can take them outside and either leave them in the container, transfer them to a larger container, or transition them into your vegetable garden bed. If you have several plants that are going and doing well, they can be further separated into different containers. Make sure that your basil plants are in full sun and get regular watering.

You’ll Discover That Basil Grows Very Quickly

You can grow herbs like basil quickly. In fact, basil can be harvested several leaves at a time within 4-6 weeks. If for some reason your plants get damaged from too much sun or not enough watering, cut them all down and wait, because the roots continue to be able to generate a new plant for you. If you wanted to, you could also take your plants indoors in the fall so long as they received adequate light each day. Take a look at this video to get even more helpful information on how to grow basil.