Best Tips To Grow Carrots

Grow Carrots Throughout the Season

Backyard gardeners can easily grow carrots. There are in fact a tremendous number of carrot varieties, and each one can be harvested at different times during the growing season. Before you start to plant and grow carrots, you’ll want to check the time to maturity that’s printed somewhere on the seed packet.

Generally, carrots can be harvested about 20 days before their listed maturity date. If you do pick them very early, you’ll get the more tender baby version of that carrot variety. Harvesting carrots more towards their full maturity date gives them more time to develop higher concentrations of sugars and more flavor.grow carrots

Pulling your carrots out of the garden soil couldn’t be simpler. Just firmly grasp the green top foliage and gently pull it up out of the soil. You can give yourself some help using a small garden trowel along side the carrot root, especially if your soil isn’t very loose. If you accidentally pull too hard and yank the top off, just remain calm and gently dig it up with a small garden fork. Once you have some experience and grow carrots for a few seasons, this will become second nature.

Harvesting should be done early before the soil gets too hot in summer. For instance, carrots planted in March can usually be harvested in late April or early May. Once they’re harvested, plan to replant that same area with a different vegetable crop like lettuce. When you grow carrots you’ll make a wonderful addition to your backyard vegetable garden.