Power To The People: Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening On Your Front Lawn

Now, I didn’t quite know how to approach this post about raised bed vegetable gardening. I was actually thinking of calling this something like ‘Raise your economic awareness with raised bed vegetable gardening‘, or something like that. I happen to very much agree with the writer’s observations regarding the current state of our economy and the intentions of the multinational corporations who have steered us all over a financial cliff. I do believe very strongly that these overly large corporations, both directly and indirectly, have decimated the world economy in their quest for more profits. This is not capitalism at all, but crony corporatism. As a direct result of these sustained practices, there has been a steady and unrelenting dismantling of the middle class in this country, sending many hurtling far down the economic ladder. The writer of the article I’m highlighting here, Nancy Oden, presents some very compelling reasons to become more self sufficient with regard to food production in these challenging economic times. She recommends putting readily available resources to work by turning your front lawn into a source of food for your family. Her article is excerpted from the Bangor Daily News.

Power To The People: Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening On Your Front Lawn

All this talk about “economic recovery” is delusional. This economy is not going to “recover.” What we had is gone forever.

Economies around the world are being deliberately crashed by Wall Street, banks such as Goldman-Sachs and owners of large corporations. They’re working hard to destroy the gains workers have made over hundreds of years, so they can return us to near-feudal times when workers were completely at the mercy of owners.

Their object is the Holy Grail of the extremely wealthy and their corporations: cheap labor. Corporations and their bought-government are replacing local workers with cheap foreign labor at an accelerating pace. Even poor-paying jobs are now given to cheap foreign labor.

raised bed vegetable gardening

Raised bed vegetable gardening can be done at low cost almost anywhere. Photo by Kenneth Wiedemann c/o Photos.Com.

One cannot blame the laborers who come here to work, or who take formerly American jobs outsourced to their countries; they’re desperate people, just as the corporations want the rest of to be, so we’ll do anything and work for any pittance to survive.

There’s no morality involved; it’s all about the money and how much more corporations can pocket every quarter.

The market knows no right or wrong, only profits.

The situation is difficult to accept, but accept it we must since neither you, nor I, have the power to stop this downhill slide.

So what can we do instead? What are our resources? We have lots of land and lots of water. This suggests, of course, the growing of food.

We can grow food in our own yards so we’re not dependent on industrial food from far away. Our gardens do not need pesticide poisons, thus saving money and insuring our better health.

While working in our raised-bed garden (raised beds are the most efficient and easiest way to grow food), we are getting healthy exercise, thereby lowering our risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer and other ills associated with a couch-potato lifestyle.

Once we taste our homegrown food, and have saved thousands of dollars by growing even a small garden, then we can grow more next year so there’s enough to share or sell locally. We can expand to become small, organic (no-spray, if you prefer that term) farmers growing diverse crops for local consumption.

Read the original article here at bangordailynews.com:

There are many places you can easily and cheaply implement raised bed vegetable gardening. Look around your yard. If your neighborhood allows, put it on your front lawn. You’ll be growing your own food and making a political statement at the same time. I do believe that there will be fewer well paying jobs in the future, but this isn’t necessarily a cause for dread. It’s an opportunity for all of us to take back our economy from the ground up (sorry). An economy based on individual effort and service to our neighbors and our communities is really what capitalism is all about. Let’s get growing!

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