Starting Vegetables From Seeds

You can get a jump start on the growing season by starting your vegetable garden from seeds. The best thing to do is to use sterile potting mix instead of your garden soil. It holds water better and won’t transmit any fungus or bacteria. Use plastic gardening trays to put the potting soil into, but it’s best to sterilize them in dilute 1% bleach solution for a few minutes first to kill off any fungus that might still be on them.

Place the potting soil in the wells of your trays and make sure it’s about room temperature, or at least 65 degrees so that the seeds don’t rot in the soil because they can’t germinate. If needed, use a warming mat to help get the soil up to temperature. Place your seeds in about 3-5 per cell. If more plants come up, you can always pluck out any extras you don’t want. Remember to keep them moist and with good lighting, preferably vertical so they don’t get too leggy and off center. Review the video for more information.

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