Starting Your Tomatoes

Starting out tomatoes in your vegetable garden is very easy. You will need a sunny spot, the right soil, and adequate water. Have your soil tested to see if it’s alright for growing tomatoes either through a test kit you can buy yourself, or you can have it tested through your local agricultural extension service. You can find out where your nearest extension is located by going online.

Select the type of tomato variety you want to grow. Consider the flavor, the size, and the hardiness for your climate, as well as how long it takes to get to maturity. It’s nice to have several different varieties of tomatoes maturing at different times throughout the summer so you always have some to eat.

Whether you start from seeds or you transplant from seedlings, wait to place your young tomato plants into the ground until after the last chance of frost in your area has passed. Dig a shallow trench and place your plants about a foot apart. Don’t worry about planting them too deep. You can put them in the ground up to the first set of leaves. This is actually good for developing a deeper, stronger root system.

Water them daily for the first week, and after a week or two, set up stakes that eventually your plants will be tied to so they have support (indeterminant variety only). For less work, consider using tomato cages instead. Watch this video for more information on starting out your tomatoes.

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