Starting Your First Vegetable Garden

You can begin to grow some of your own produce by starting your own vegetable garden. All you really need are a sunny location, water, and the right soil. First decide if you want either a raised bed garden or an in ground type. Raised beds work well if you have poorly draining or poor quality soil. Otherwise, you can choose the in ground garden, which will need less water than the raised bed. You can decide by checking your soil either with a test kit or by taking it to your local agricultural extension service.

Install some wire mesh fencing around the perimeter of your garden about 18 inches above the top grade of your garden bed, whether it’s raised or in ground.  It will help to keep out any unwanted critters. You can add your plants either as seedlings started earlier in egg cartons, or you can simply buy them from the nursery.

Make sure to arrange your plantings oriented east to west and keep the tallest plants to the north, so they won’t shade the shorter ones to the south of them. See the video to learn more.

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