Starting Your Backyard Garden

Let’s face it. Lawns can be nice to look at, but they’re an awful lot of work to maintain, what with all of the mowing, weeding, fertilizing and chemicals you have to throw at them just so your neighbors won’t think less of you. But there’s a better way. Convert some of that resource demanding space into something that gives you back something for all of your blood, sweat, and tears. That’s right! Why not plant a vegetable garden!

To get started, you’ll need to get a gardening fork which you’ll use to plunge into the earth well beneath your lawn and flip the divot grass-side down. Don’t worry that you’ll have to convert your whole yard to a garden. Start out very conservatively, say, 3′ by 3′. Get comfortable with a very small garden plot and grow 3 or 4 vegetable crops only for a season or two.

Once you feel more confident, as time goes by you can gradually expand it to a size you can comfortably work.  Over time, your neighbors may even start to envy you follow your lead by converting some of their lawns to gardens.

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