Starting Onions From Seeds

Onions can be started in your garden from seeds, onion sets (which look like little pearl onions), or from small onion plants, or transplants. If you decide to start from an onion set, always go for the smallest one you can find. You might think you’ll get to an onion faster from a larger set, but all that will happen is it will go to flower very soon and you won’t have any onion bulbs for the eating. Surprisingly, if you can find onion sets as small around as a pencil eraser, those will actually give you the biggest onions!

Onion seeds look like tiny hard gravel (or mouse poop). Put some potting soil or seed starter mix in a small pot, tap it down gently but firmly (to the consistency of angel food cake). Sprinkle about 50-100  seeds into a 2 by 2 inch pot. That sounds like an awful lot, but you’ll be transplanting them later anyway, so don’t worry about spacing. Lay some soil on top, firm it up, and label them. It’s guaranteed you won’t remember what they are in a couple of days unless you do this. Water and wait, then transplant into your vegetable garden beds.

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