Staking Your Tomato Plants

Tomato plants, particularly the indeterminant variety, need physical support as they grow, especially once they start becoming top heavy with fruit. As your vegetable garden matures over the summer months, your tomato plants will continue to grow and expand their space. You will need to plan ahead in spring before they take off by making a support system that will let them remain upright as they grow larger.

For small garden applications either putting in a stake and using strips of nylon panty hose to tie the plant off to the stake, or simple tomato cages around each plant will support them well. In this video, there is a more ambitious attempt at raising a lot of tomato plants. Here, he uses tall steel posts and strings nylon or hemp string around each post in a line, then weaves the string through the row of plants. This is repeated as they get taller. Pretty ingenious, actually. Watch the video and see it for yourself.

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