Small Seed Planting Tips

There are a lot of garden vegetable plant varieties that have larger seeds which generally don’t present a big problem to handle. You’ve gotta love those radish seeds that look like you could load them into a pellet gun.

But what about some of the really tiny ones, like lettuce seeds. How do you best handle those? Try a small salt shaker! Brilliant! Distributes the seeds evenly and keeps them from clumping together in the soil. You can also try using a manilla envelope and get them to fall off the end into the soil in a very controlled way. Some seed companies have small plastic devices that adjust to the seed  size and help you plant them more easily too.

For lettuce seeds, plow a small row with your finger that will put them barely under the surface, then sprinkle the seeds in with the salt shaker, and lightly cover them with soil. Once they come up, if they’re too close together, just thin out the plants by removing them as they grow and eating them, and then letting the rest get to a more fully mature size. Check out the video for some more tips and to learn more.

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