Simple Container Garden Drip Irrigation

If you’re into tech and you want to put some of it to work for you in your vegetable gardening, you might just want to think about installing a drip irrigation system. This is the ideal setup for container vegetable gardening.

First you will need to size your system for the maximum flow of water available to you. Turn the tap on full blast and let it run into a 5 gallon bucket for 1 minute. Measure how many gallons you got, then multiply that number by 60, which gives your gallon per hour flow rate. You need to know this number because all the fittings are rated on that basis. Knowing this number will enable you to go out and buy the right number and types of emitters that need to be attached to the system.

There are two types of emitters: drip and spray. The drip emitters water containerized plants very well, while the spray emitters can cover a larger area out in the open. You must install a pressure reducer to keep the pressure from the tap from being too high, usually 30 psi maximum.

All the components of these systems will fit together by compression. It’s extremely simple to set up a watering system for your container vegetable garden that will be neat, conserve water, and be both reliable and easy to use. Take a look at the video. It’s especially interesting since there are closeups of the various connections made to get the system put together.

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