Red Bell Pepper Seed Planting Tips

Red bell peppers are delicious and are easily grown from starter seeds. Remember to start them 2 weeks before the last frost date in your area. By doing this you will have small pepper plants ready to go into your vegetable garden as soon as it’s OK to plant them outside.

Pepper plants are extremely intolerant of frost, so don’t jump the gun on this point. You’ll need seed starter mix, which is mostly milled sphagnum moss, a seed tray with seed starter mix in the wells, or you can use peat pots with the same mix in each one, and a watering can for watering them into their containers. Make sure to pre-water your seed starter soil mix in whatever container you happen to use before putting the seeds in. Poke a hole with your index finger about a quarter of an inch deep into the soil in each compartment, and put in 2 seeds per square. Cover the seeds with the adjacent seed mix gently with your finger, then water them in again.

Keep them in a bright location like your kitchen window. They should sprout in 10-14 days, and you can either transplant them to larger individual containers first or directly into your vegetable garden. Watch this video to learn some tips and techniques on how to grow red bell peppers.

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