Pruning Your Tomato Plants

You have to get to know your vegetable garden’s tomato plants so you’ll be better able to prune them for bigger, juicier tomatoes. Where the vertical main stem and the horizontal branches meet, there can grow these smaller branches at about a 45 degree angle that are called suckers.

This next part is very important. If you have a tomato plant that is an indeterminant, keep reading. If on the other hand it is the bushier determinant variety, read no further. Pruning off suckers is only important if you have the indeterminant variety, because these will keep growing as long as they get light and water and have physical support. If you don’t prune off the suckers, which is easy to do with just your fingers, the plant will put all its energy into foliage production and you won’t get nearly as many tomatoes as you would otherwise. See the video to learn how to do this.

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