Organic Protection for Your Eggplants

With all of the effort you go through to get that nice eggplant out of your vegetable garden, the last thing you want to have is for some unwanted insect to sabotage all your hard work. Flea beetles are notorious for destroying eggplants by infesting their leaves and killing the plant.

Fortunately there’s a new (and organic) product out recently. Its brand name is Surround WP, which stands for wettable powder. The primary ingredient is kaolin clay. Have you ever heard of the anti-diarrhea medicine “Kao Pectate?” Well, kaolin clay is in that too, so you know it must be safe. It’s a fine clay powder that you just apply by suspending it in water and spraying it on the plant. The flea beetles have a very hard time finding the plant or feeding on its leaves once it has been applied and had a chance to dry. It dries to a whitish film on the leaves, but doesn’t bother the plant at all. See the video for more information.

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