Frost Protecting Your Vegetable Crops

Sometimes there can appear the dreaded specter of an unusually late frost in spring or a similarly early frost in the fall. What can you do? Your vegetable plants are just sitting there, all alone in your backyard garden, screaming for help (well, it might actually seem that way).

Fear not! There is a simple and effective solution. The fabric is called by the letters “AG” and comes in grades 15 through 70. AG-&) is much thicker and heavier and protects against frost very well, while the much thinner AG-15 lets in a lot more light and is also very effective at keeping out insects that don’t belong. It’s a polymer fabric that holds in trapped air, but still lets air circulate through.

You apply this material over rows of crops by furrowing two shallow trenches on either side, placing the fabric down in the furrows, then placing some soil on the end and into the trench to hold it down. For sturdy plants you can place the fabric directly on them, but with more delicate plants there are hoops that will prevent them being damaged from the weight of the fabric on top. This is really cool stuff to keep your plants warm on a frosty night. Look at the video to see how it’s done.

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