Preventing Garden Weeds

Weeds: We just don’t want them around. We chase them off but before you know it they’re right back again. What can the average vegetable gardener do? Actually plenty, and its fairly easy. Just say these two magic words: Landscape Fabric. This material prevents weeds from growing, because they cannot penetrate their root systems into the soil underneath. Water percolates through this fabric with no problem. You need to start with a garden bed ready for planting, but first you’ll need to lay the landscape fabric over the soil, then cut through it enough to plant your small vegetable plants in that spot.

What’s even better, any weeds still in the soil underneath the fabric can’t grow out either, so they are killed off as well. Make sure you staple the fabric down into the soil well, otherwise the wind will carry it away. Don’t use on ares of your garden where you’re growing things from seed. Check out the video here.

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