Planting Sweet Bell Peppers

While you can start sweet bell pepper plants from seeds, you may find yourself behind the eight ball because you’ve gotten too late of a start in the season to do it that way. There’s no shame in going out to the nursery and buying the plants already started in containers.

The most important thing to avoid when planting them is to never plant them too deep. There is a small area on the stem that goes up to about an inch above where the soil level in the original container was. That’s where the seed leaves came out on the pepper seedling, and this area of the stem can form new roots.  Make sure that the soil around them once they’re in the garden is no higher than this (see video).

Keep adjacent plants about one foot apart. Make sure your vegetable garden soil is nice and loose, well draining, and has plenty of organic material in it. A little fertilizer on top is okay, although if your soil is properly prepared, you won’t really need to do this separately. Throw a few inches of mulch around your plants. Water them all in thoroughly and keep them watered consistently throughout the summer. Watch the video to learn how its done.

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