Planting Heirloom Cucumbers

Cucumbers can be started from seed indoors during early spring. Once they’re about 8 inches tall the small cucumber plants can be hardened outside gradually over about a week or so. Then they’ll be ready to be plant in your vegetable garden.

Cucumbers are well suited to either in-ground or raised bed vegetable gardens. The names of some of these heirloom varieties come from where or from whom they were originally grown. Some names sound very imaginative, like “Telegraphing Fruit”, an heirloom variety that grows cucumbers 18 inches long. Or how about “Boston Pickling”? These varieties have never been genetically modified and are closer to the cucumbers people ate 100 years ago, well before agribusiness narrowed the selection down to only a few choices.

Most of these heirloom cucumber varieties have been passed down within families for many generations. By using very fertile raised bed gardening, you can actually plant them much closer together than ordinarily possible in a standard growing bed. Take a look at this video to see more.

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