Planting Garden Radishes

There are many types of radishes available for garden planting. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and flavors. There are even seed packs available that are mixes of different varieties.

Radishes are some of the shortest cycle garden vegetables you can plant. They take about 6 weeks from seed to harvest, which means that up to 3 consecutive crops can be planted and harvested in a single growing season.

Radishes prefer to grow in a little cooler weather. They’re a perfect crop to grow in between your peppers or tomatoes, which happen to like the heat. Doing this helps to shade the ground and both plant varieties can be happy.

Take a garden trowel and make a trench about 1-2 inches deep. Put the radish seeds in about an inch or so apart. The seeds are pretty big and round and they will tend to roll out of the seed pack like ball bearings. Better to over plant them than to plant too few. Cover with a half inch of soil and then water them in very well. Keep them very well watered initially and throughout the season. Radishes are used to growing in the spring when it tends to rain a lot, so keep them well watered no matter when you plant them. See the video here.

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