Planting Garden Onions

Garden onions can be planted either from seeds, transplants, or from what are called onion sets, which are basically miniature onions. Onion sets come in all sizes, but the rule is the smaller the better. If you start them from too big of a set they go to flower too soon.

Begin planting by making a small trench in your well prepared garden soil about one inch deep. Take your onion sets, and you can have several different varieties mixed in together, and place each one in the trench about 3-4 inches from its adjacent neighbor.  By giving them enough space to grow you’ll get a better sized onion. Cover them with an inch or so of soil. Water them well and put a label there because if you don’t you won’t remember what you put there two days from now (trust me on this — I know it from experience).

Growing onions from transplants is also easy. Take your transplants, which are miniature onion plants started from seeds but that haven’t formed a big root bulb yet, and put them into the ground in a 1 inch furrow you’ve made. Place the soil around them and again space them about 4 inches apart from each other. Water them in well. They’ll look sad and wilted, and their foliage may even die off, but don’t worry. They’ll come back. See the video for more information, including a short segment about planting leeks.

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