Organic Gardening and Weed Control

Organic gardening involves getting in tune with nature and understanding how nature balances itself. With modern agricultural techniques, the use of chemical herbicides can control a specific weed species for a while, but not for the long haul. This approach puts the natural interaction of all plant species out of balance.

The simple truth is that weeds (which are simply other plants that you don’t want in the place you want to grow your vegetables) will always be with us gardeners. Nature simply wants to make the best use of the soil, water and sunlight, and she’s better at it than most gardeners. That’s because she’s been at it for several hundred million years.

There are some very simple things vegetable gardeners CAN do to prevent the majority of weed infestations without resorting to the use of chemical herbicides. For instance, mulching and covering any exposed soil will prevent weeds from either emerging if the seeds and roots are already in your garden soil, or keep them from taking root if they happen to blow in as seeds from other locations. A few simple garden tools and techniques can be very effective at eliminating established weeds in your organic vegetable garden. Watch this video to learn more.

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