Natural Insect Control

One of the oldest natural pesticides known is diatomaceous earth. It comes from fossilized algae found naturally in sedimentary rock formations. It has a great many other uses besides being a very effective and organic pesticide. Use it on the leaves of your vegetable plants and also on the soil around them.

Diatomaceous earth looks like a white powder and can be applied with a dusting spreader. It is absolutely safe for people and animals. It’s even safe for people to ingest. Once it gets on the unwanted garden insect, it essentially dehydrates them and they quickly die. It’s also very effective against garden slugs when placed on the soil around your plants.

Diatomaceous earth is very inexpensive. Go out and get some and try it yourself on the plants in your vegetable garden to see how well it can work for you to keep away unwanted garden pests. Take a look at this video for some pointers on application.

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