Make Your Own DIY Composter

If you’re a little bit handy, building your own home composter would be a real addition to your vegetable gardening. You’ll need a few common household items: A plastic trash can, a vinyl screen, bungee cords, a drill with a 2 inch hole-cutting bit, scissors, and that indispensable item for the DIYer — duct tape.

Now for the fun part. Drill the trash can full of 2 inch holes about 6 inches apart all over, including the lid. Make sure to clean the hole edges of excess plastic. Next, take the vinyl screen mesh and cut 6 inch squares out of it, and take duct tape and tape around all 4 sides (see video). Apply these to the inside of each hole in the can and lid. This could take awhile.

When you’re done, add in your dead leaves and grass clippings, green food scraps and shredded paper, and a bag or two of topsoil. Secure the lid with the bungee cords. Tip it on its side and roll it on the ground to help mix the contents. Store it off the ground by a few inches for air circulation, and you’re finished. In a few months, it should be ready for your vegetable garden. Catch the details on this video.

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