Low Maintenance Weeding

Let’s face it, weeding is one of those repetitive and thankless chores, like doing your laundry. Yet they both have to be done, no matter how unpleasant they may be. But there are ways to make unpleasant tasks easier and faster.

The best approach to garden weeding is to prevent the weeds from getting a foot hold in the first place, either by mulching a conventional row garden or planting the vegetables more densely as in square foot gardening to crowd them out.

Schedule a time, about 30 minutes once each week, to get at any weeds that may have started to establish themselves. Remove them from your garden soil by using a cultivator (see the video) to dig down around the weed so you can get at its root, then pull it up gently intact. If you use a hoe or pull the weed but leave part of the roots in the soil, you will actually propagate more weeds. Keep a container nearby to dispose of the interlopers and transfer them somewhere else, preferably into a compost pile. Watch the video for tips and techniques.

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