Peppers Aren’t Just Green

Green peppers are one of the most commonly grown pepper varieties. They need to be planted after the last possible frost date in your area because they will absolutely not tolerate any frost, which will kill the plant.

First, prepare your vegetable garden bed with manure and compost, then make several one inch holes about an inch deep and about 12-18 inches apart from each other. Since pepper plants tend to bush out, you’ll want to leave them enough room to grow out properly.

Place only one pepper seed per hole, then cover with a half-inch to an inch of soil. Water the seeds in and keep them well watered during the summer months, especially when they come up and are flowering. Keep them weed free and watered.

Remember that green peppers are the unripe form of yellow, orange or red peppers. Once they come up and they are of the right size and green, they are edible. Green peppers will stay green about three weeks, then they’ll start to turn the other colors, which are also edible and delicious. Check out the video here.

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