Onions From the Ground Up

Onions are that one ingredient that your cooking can’t do without. They’re extremely easy to grow and are very cold tolerant. You can start them indoors in flats or you can start them from seeds as soon as the ground in your vegetable garden is workable.

Be sure to till and compost your soil so it’s aerated and light. Make a furrow about one inch deep and put your onion seeds in, keeping them about one inch apart. Cover with about a half inch of soil and water them in.

Remember to keep them well watered throughout the summer, which is when they’re developing the bulb under ground. Towards fall the leaves will begin to droop and flop over, which means that they’re ready to harvest.

Make sure you keep them in a warm and dry area so that the leaves dry up and the outside becomes papery. Just clip the tops off and your onion is ready for storage in a cool dry location until you’re ready to use it. Check out the video here.

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