How to Grow Herbs

There are a lot of reasons to add some herbs to your vegetable garden They are wonderful in cooking and tend to attract the right kinds of insects into your vegetable garden while keeping some of the nastier ones out. They also help with weed control by out competing the majority of weed species.

Herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, and mint are easy to grow and generally will grow in poorer soils if they have to, but do really well if you give them something better. There are products available that make planting herbs such as basil easy for container gardeners, whether they’re raised inside or outside.

Herbs tend to grow quickly. Mint, for instance, will take over every inch of space it can get, so keeping it penned in is probably a good idea. Basil grown from seed will give you a mature bush plant in 2 months. There are herb samplers available to purchase through the mail that are simple to grow and work extremely well for either container or indoor gardening. Check out the video to see how easy growing container herbs can be.

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