Grow Delicious Eggplants

So many people love to eat eggplant. They aren’t hard to grow either. Eggplants grow best in a raised bed type of vegetable backyard garden that’s well tilled with lots of manure and compost mixed in because they prefer well draining soil.

Eggplants are extremely intolerant to any cold weather. It’s best to wait 1-2 weeks after the latest frost date for your growing area before planting them. Place one seed in each hole about half an inch deep and keep your plantings about 18 inches apart to give them ample room to grow.

Make sure you keep your plants well watered and weed free to get the maximum yield out of each plant. When they flower they will start to produce a purple fruit, which is best harvested and eaten in its unripened state. Use clippers to harvest them off the plant. If you let them go too long, they start to turn yellowish and are not that good to eat. Just watch this video to see how they should look when fully ripe and mature.

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