Grow Tomatoes At Home

Grow Tomatoes at Home

I’ve decided this year to grow tomatoes differently than we usually do. When we first started our backyard vegetable garden about ten years ago, it was in a nice sunny location and I built it as a 6-inch raised bed vegetable garden to help with drainage and to improve the soil quality, especially considering we wanted to grow tomatoes. We grew two or three tomato plants and got a nice crop every year in late summer mostly. During the last few years our tomato crop really started to go downhill. My wife and I figured it was partly due to the fact that the trees around the garden grew and decreased the amount of sun they received. I pruned them down some, but it wasn’t really enough by itself.

Grow Tomatoes In A Sunny Location

This spring, I decided to get aggressive. First, we really amended the soil with our own compost, and added some lime to the soil where we would grow tomato plants. I also included some mixed-in tomato food there as well. But the other part of my plan included planting (from seed) four different tomato varieties. Also, this year I chose to grow tomatoes in a special raised bed container type of planter that I recently purchased in

grow tomatoes

You can easily grow tomatoes in a raised bed garden at home.

March. This one would be located in a different part of the yard that always got sun most of the day. In addition, this planter has water reservoirs underneath that attach to filler tubes that let you monitor the water level. You can actually go away for over a week and they will keep your plants watered while you are gone.

You Can Easily Grow Tomatoes From Seed

I was able to grow the four seed types indoors over about a month, although they did get a little “leggy”. I simply took the best seedling from each type and planted it into the soil up to the seed leaves. This actually gave each seedling a really good head start on a good root system. That was about a month ago. Today, each plant is between 24″ to 36″ in height. I’ve done some foliar feedings, which my father swears by, but mostly my plants have been doing well on the original soil mix that I established for them when they were planted. While the tomato plants in the main garden bed were started at the same time from purchased plants, so they’re about a foot taller because they had a head start, I think that this gap is closing rapidly. I’ll include some pictures that show how I grow tomatoes and I’ll include some additional details of the setup in my next post. For now, have a look at this video for some more tips on how to grow tomatoes in your backyard veggie garden.

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