Healthy Organic Garden Soil

Healthy vegetables that are nutritious to eat won’t grow well unless the soil they’re grown in is packed with the basic nutrients that produce strong healthy plants.  Always remember, soil that’s been chemically fertilized is actually depleted of and deficient in many critical nutrients that a rapidly growing vegetable plant needs.

A mixture of animal manure and compost (humus) is the richest and most balanced nutritional organic soil supplement for growing vegetables. Make sure that your garden soil is rich with earthworms, too. Those castings they leave behind in the soil are five times more nutrient rich than what the earthworms ingested! Earthworms also aerate the soil, making it easier for your plant’s roots to work their way through it.

Watch the video for some more information about how to get animal manure into your organic garden beds. Note: If you don’t have ready access to chickens and rabbits, you can always just buy and add cow or horse manure and blend it in with your compost and soil.

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