Cucumbers Grow Up

Most gardeners will tell you that you need a lot of room to grow certain kinds of vegetable garden crops, particularly cucumbers. Well, “that ain’t necessarily so.” Why not try growing them vertically?

There are two different classes of cucumber plants: bush and vine types. The vine variety can grow up to 7 feet long on the ground. This can take over a lot of space in your vegetable garden. If you’re short on that kind of space, then vertical gardening is the answer to your prayers.

Growing your cucumbers vertically will solve a lot of garden space problems and let you harvest lots of cucumbers during the growing season while not crowding out other vegetable plants you also want to grow.You’ll need a sturdy steel wire trellis. Let your vines grow and as they do, train them up over and through the trellis so they rise through it vertically.

You could also let your cucumber vines trail off into an adjacent area of your yard that gets good sun but isn’t used for anything else. Unless you have some kind of arrangement like that, however, trellising is much more space efficient.  See the video here for tips on how to set up these vertical cucumber trellises.

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