When Tomatoes Grow Up

Grow Tomatoes Up to the Sky

So you don’t have much space to grow tomatoes juicy and delicious that you so love. What if I told you that you didn’t need much space at all, and that in fact the sky’s the limit. That’s right! All you have to do is train your vegetable garden tomatoes to grow upright and vertical.

How to Grow Tomatoes Using a Trellis

Train and grow tomatoes by letting them grow up a string supported on a trellis framework. There are any number of ways to put together a framework for the string or wire you’ll need to let your grow tomato plants upward. Using galvanized steel conduit that’s threaded and can be put together using tee and 90 degree threaded fittings is as easy as going to the local hardware store. Either use 1/8 to 1/4 inch nylon twine or 12 gauge plastic coated wire (more expensive but lasts many years) attached to the top of the conduit and anchored to the ground using garden fabric stables. Anchor your tomato plants as they grow using tomato clips or pieces of cut-up pantyhose.

Grow Tomatoes in Small Spaces

You will have to use an indeterminant variety of plant to grow tomatoes continually upward since they will keep growing as long as they receive ample sunlight and water. This method will be easy to adapt to both large areas and very small growing areas such as a container or raised bed garden. To see exactly how you’d build one of these trellises, check out the video here.

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