Growing Machiaw Eggplant

If you want to add a beautiful eggplant to your vegetable garden this year, try growing Machiaw (it’s pronounced muh-KAW) eggplant. It’s simply beautiful to look at. It’s long with a pinkish purple color. They are thin skinned and have a sweeter flavor.

To keep these eggplants from becoming malformed and corkscrewed looking, grow them upright on a trellis so that the eggplants can hang and grow straight. Grow them in full sun, with consistent and evenly moist soil and warm weather. A cool wet summer won’t yield much eggplant, no matter what variety you grow. Eggplants need to be grown in hot, not excessively rainy weather, with at least 8 hours of daily sun.

There are many more varieties of eggplants to grow that are each truly unique in their size, color and shape. The journey you begin when you start vegetable gardening will lead you down a path toward that ultimate sense of accomplishment at the end of the season when you get to eat the eggplants you’ve grown all summer.

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