Growing Green Bell Garden Peppers

Green bell peppers are easy to grow, but first there are some things you need to remember about them. First of all, they originate from very warm parts of the world. They will never tolerate cold or frost, so they need to be started late in the season, when it’s at least 70 degrees at night and 70-80 degrees during the day.

Green bell pepper plants grow really well in a raised bed garden. The soil will usually drain much better than an in-ground garden, but you will need to water them more frequently during the hottest part of the growing season.

Make sure to plant your pepper plants using a rich potting mix when they are started from small plants and first put into your raised bed. Green bell peppers need to be in very well drained soil and they love the heat. By mid to late fall you can have beautiful green bell peppers to harvest. Check the video here to learn more.

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