The Coolest of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are the coolest of the vegetables and make for a tasty and refreshing salad. Cucumbers are a terrific addition to your vegetable garden. You will need a bit of room to grow them unless you trellis them upwards.

Cucumbers are usually grown in either raised beds or mounds. To mound them, simply scoop up some surrounding soil into a small 6 inch high pile about 8-12 inches in diameter. Make a small hole in the top about 2-3 inches deep and then add about 4 to 5 seeds into each hole.  Make sure your mounds are spaced about 2 to 3 feet apart. Close up the hole and water the mound thoroughly.

The alternative method is to put them in mounded rows, with holes for 2 seeds every 18 inches. Your rows need to about be 2 feet apart.

Frost will kill the plants, so make sure to get them into the ground right after the latest frost date because they need a long time to grow. Once they start producing, you’ll want to get them harvested every few days as new ones mature, or else they get large, yellow, and sour. To keep the plant producing, you need to keep removing the cucumbers regularly. As always, water and weed for the best yield. Check out the video here.

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