Grow Hot Chili Plants Indoors

Vegetable gardening indoors in containers is a really convenient alternative if you happen to live in either a colder climate or you don’t have access to a lot of area for a backyard garden. You can grow almost anything indoors. Chili pepper plants are easy to grow in containers indoors with enough light, humidity and moisture.

To get started, first you’ll need to get the seeds for the variety of chili you want to grow. You’ll also need a plastic bag, a paper napkin or paper towel, a seed starting tray with potting soil in it, and some extra potting soil. If you really wanted to, you could even put the seeds into a 1 gallon bucket with potting soil halfway up and plant them in there directly.

To start your seeds without soil, take 5-10 seeds, fold them into the napkin or paper towel, slip it flatly into the plastic bag, and then moisten the napkin or paper towel with enough water until it’s wet but there’s no excess water running off. Leave the sealed bag in a warm location under the sink or in the kitchen for a few days, to give the seeds a chance to sprout. Remove the sprouts and plant them gently into a soil filled tray. Give them enough light and water and you’ll have hot chilis before you know it. Watch this video for to learn some important tips on starting your own chili pepper plants.

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