Grow Herbs on Your Balcony

Grow Herbs on Your Balcony

It’s easy and fun to grow herbs in a small space like a patio or balcony. When you grow herbs, remember that for the most part they are very hardy plant species and tend to grow where the conditions are pretty rough. They will do just fine in your vegetable garden, especially in between your other plantings, but they also grow well in less favorable settings. These are ideal plants for small spaces and also for raising in containers.

Grow Herbs You Enjoy In Your Cooking

First you need to decide which herbs you’d like to grow. Think about what herbs you like to use in your cooking. You can just grow them for their visual appeal, but why not get the most out of your efforts and be able to include garden fresh herbs in your cooking, too. Of course, some will die back during the winter if you leave them outside. Just remember to put a tag where they were growing so you’ll remember what was planted there next season.

Always Grow Herbs in the Proper Container

If you’re planting in small pots, choose terra cotta because it dries quickly and allows your plants to grow without getting overly wet. Herbs can tolerate having their soil dried out much better than being too soggy. If you decide to grow mint, remember to containerize it within the pot or bed, otherwise it will take over the area it’s planted in. With a minimum of effort, anyone can easily grow herbs almost anywhere.

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