Grow Fresh Garden Lettuce in a Clay Pot

Growing fresh vegetables can easily be done indoors. It’s a great way to increase variety in your vegetable garden by extending the growing season during some of the colder months.

One particular vegetable plant that’s very simple to grow indoors is lettuce. It’s easily raised in a clay pot using seedlings. You can also start them from seed if you want to. By using seedlings from your local nursery, you can arrange them in the container as you like.

Remember to keep taller plants towards the back so they don’t shade the shorter ones in the front. Make sure they are well watered but not soaking. It helps to put some clay shards in the bottom of the container before putting in your soil so any excess water has a place to go.

Fertilize your plantings every so often using liquid fish fertilizer. Place the container in a warm and out of the way area after you fertilize so the fish odor can dissipate before you bring the pot back in the house. Place the pots in a well lit area of the house, such as near a window, so they get at least 8 hours of sun or bright daylight. See the video here for some tips on how you can easily set this up.

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