Gardening by the Foot

Mel Bartholomew, the “Father of Square Foot Gardening“, tells us why this method of establishing a vegetable garden is efficient on the use of resources and labor, and is also very cost effective. You really don’t even need soil to plant in, just an area where you could establish your vegetable garden.

Construct a wooden box 4′ by 4′ in dimension, add an optimum soil mix, divide it into one foot cells with a grid, and that’s about it. When you compare this method to conventional single row gardening, you can grow 100% of the harvest for 50% of the cost, 20% of the space, 10% of the water, 5% of the seeds, and only 2% of the work!

Absolutely anyone can learn to do this method in about one hour’s time. A fun way to introduce this style of gardening to your family is to give everyone in your family their own 3′ by 3′ or 4′ by 4′ box to tend and eat the products from. Matt has even set up a foundation to help teach this method to people all over the world to help everyone become more food self-sufficient. Watch him in this video.

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