Flame Weeding 101

Pest and Weed Control With Fire

Now, you have to admit, the very notion of incinerating your garden weeds has a certain sense of wow to it. After all, garden weeds are probably the bane of your existence and a constant source of embarrassment to you. Why not take out all those negative emotions and do something productive for your veggies and your psyche? Pest and weed control using a flame might be just what the doctor ordered.

Have Some Fun Doing Pest and Weed Control

Pest and weed control using flame weeding is really serious weed control! The best part about it is, it’s organic too! This is a method that has very specialized uses for pest and weed control on large planting areas and is probably not for your average beginning gardener. But it’s nice to know that there is something out there that will be the ultimate way to accomplish pest and weed control.

Specialized Pest and Weed Control Equipment

You need specialized equipment that involves a propane fuel source. It’s important to do this sort of weeding with the appropriate specialized equipment to be able to do it safely. Don’t try this unless you know someone experienced who can teach you, or go out and hire someone who does this regularly and has all the proper training. Take a look at this video to see what pest and weed control using flame weeding can accomplish in the right hands.

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